US Pro Cup



The Orange Seal Pro Cup p/b Vailocity is the series opening round of the US XC Open series.  With a brand new XCO course layout for 2024, the US XC Open looks to kick off with a bang!

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The US Pro Cup p/b Ozark foundation is the second round of series of the US XC Open series.  This is the 4th year at Centennial Park and it's purpose built UCI XCO course is a hybrid of new school and old school.

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Round #3 of the US XC Open series heads to the Engelwood Open in Fall River, Wisconsin.  A long standing stop in the famous WORS series, you won't want to miss this event.

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Round #4 and series finals of the US Open XC series takes place at the Missoula XC in Missoula, Montana.  When you think of "real" mountain biking, it doesn't get anymore real that the Missoula venue.  With steep climbs and long descents, this is where cross-country racing all started.

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Best 3 out of 4.

A riders best 3 out of 4 rounds will count towards the O/A title bid in 2024.  This means you can either throw out your lowest score due to a DNF, illness, mechanical, or you can skip a round entirely if you can't make it to all rounds.

What classes are crowned?

For 2024 we will crown the Elite Men/Women, JR 17-18 Men/Women,  JR 15-16 Men/Women and JR Boys/Girls 13-14.  There will be prize money for the top three Elite Men/Women and the JR winner's will receive prizes and awards, including a #1 plate and champions jersey, as well as comped cross-country entries from each of the host venues for 2025.

How will series points be awarded?

We will award series points 25 places deep at each event.  You can find the points breakdown below.


Each race in the series will adhere to the 2024 U.C.I. payout guidelines, based on each events race status.  You can learn more by visiting the hosting venues website, but every round in the XC Open Series is a minimum UCI C1 or HC XCO.  Plus $10,000 to be split evenly among Elite Men and Women categories.

Why only four rounds?

We wanted to create a high level XC series that meets a few requirements. 1: Easy travel flow, with one race per month from March-June.  2: Hits major regions of the country (West/South/Mid-West/Mountain). 3: Wraps up by June, so racers can gather points heading into Nationals. 4: History. We wanted to connect events and promoters who have been involved with the XC scene for many years and who's races embody top level racing, with fun, local community vibes.

Series Call Up's

Series call up's at each round will be done in the following ways.  Elite Men/Women, JR 17-18 Men/Women will adhere to the UCI rankings for call up's then random.  For the CAT 1 JR Men/Women 15-16 and JR Boys/Girls 13-14 after the first round, it will be current National Champion (if applicable), series top 5 then USAC cross-country rankings then random to fill the start grid.

1: Cayden Parker-Bear National-77 pts

3: Carter Hall-Dryve-66

3: Christopher Blevins-Specialized Factory-64

4: Caleb Swartz-Enve-62

5: Landen Stovall-Bear National-59


1: Rowan Nistal-Bear National-115

2: Myles Perry-Rouleur Devo-97

3: Caden Jagt-Ghost-89

4: Carter Lembke-Dirt Camp-79

5: Michael Ziomek-Bear National-74

1: Jennifer Jackson-LIV-75 points

2: Bayli Mcspadden-Bear National-60

3: Evelyn Dong-Juliana-57

4: Makenna Kellerman -Bear National-55

5: Ruby Ryan-Segment 28-57



1: Zanna Logar-Gravity Collective-106

2: Raina Logar-Gravity Collective-89

3: Scout Wellmeier-Buffalo Dev-80

4: Laura Carlin-Donovan Racing-80 points

5: Emma Caudell-Gravity Academy-78


1: Nicolas Konecny-Bear National-80 points

2: Noah Shelton-70

3: Yoann Perrodin-69

4: River Valdez-Bear National-65

5: Ethan Shirey-Rouleur Devo-64


1: Roenen Ellison-NCYD-110

2: Sean Davies-SJBC-88

3: Keane Koogler-Hatch Toyota-80 points

4: Leo Carlin-Donovan Dev-75

5: Axel Farnham-Bobcat MTB-51




1: Ava Larson-SPRY DRT-75

2: Vida Lopez de San Roman-Bear National-75

3: Joy Garcia-Pan American-68

4: Estelle Slingsby-Gravity Academy-62

5: Ella Kearney-Donovan Racing-51


1: Ali Agnew-Englewood racing-81 points

2: Maggie Daly-Move Up Cycling-73

3: Daryana Muniz-CDT-64

4: Wesley Naeve-BRYDS-62

5: Calla Gengler-SSS Devo-50